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Richfield Utah

Richfield Utah Attorneys – When you are injured in an accident in Richfield, Utah, your first thought is likely to get help for your injuries and make sure that everyone is okay. That is perfectly normal, and just as it should be. We understand that your safety comes first, and your recovery is our main priority. We are McMullin Legal Group, and we are local to you here in Utah. We handle Richfield, Utah cases all the time. We have professional relationships with doctors and hospitals in your area. If you don’t know where to turn for medical attention, please give us a call and we can help you find a clinic or office that can see you right away. Even if you don’t need a personal injury attorney in your area, we can help answer these questions for you.

We also understand that dealing with your medical bills, records, and appointments can be a hassle. We at McMullin Legal Group can be your partners to take all of the annoying paperwork off your plate.  Especially in dealing with insurance carriers, you will likely appreciate having expert professionals that can advocate for you in contacting the insurance companies, throughout the progress of your injury and claim.

Many people in Richfield, Utah and elsewhere generally think that they don’t need an attorney. They would like to attempt to deal with their insurance claim and injury case on their own. This works in a few  minor cases with injuries that go away in a matter of hours or days, but most cases can benefit greatly from the expertise of an attorney in your area. These is due to a few legal elements that apply, and also the way that insurance policies work.

Utah is classified as a no-fault state, meaning that the first responsibility to pay for your injuries fall on you and your own personal auto insurance. You have personal injury protection built in to your insurance policy just for the purpose. The complications arise when cases exceed the PIP (personal injury protection) coverage limit of $3000, as most often do. In these cases, the responsibility for your medical expenses then falls to the other insurance company, the one belonging to the person liable for your injuries incurred in the accident.

Once the claim begins processing by the other liable insurance company, that company uses their extensive team of claims adjustors and experts to refute your claim, and make sure to either deny it if possible, or pay as little as they can out on your behalf. This is how insurance companies are so profitable. This doesn’t sound like a fair fight doesn’t? You, on one side dealing with medical appointments and likely losing income from missing work, and the insurance company making profits as they collect premiums and avoid paying all the claims they can.

McMullin Legal Group wants you to have a fair chance in this process. We are here to level the playing field and get you what you deserve to compensate for your accident in Richfield, Utah.