st. george utah paralegal

St. George Paralegal – Kacee C. Weldin

At McMullin Legal Group we are dedicated to helping our clients feel comfortable and at ease when we meet with them.  If you call our office or come in person, Kacee Weldin will be the first one to greet you. But she is more than just a friendly face.  She is a skilled paralegal who has worked in the personal injury field since 2007.   Kacee spends a great deal of her time at the office handling what seems like reams of paperwork, medical records, and correspondence generated in personal injury cases. Her common sense and attention to detail are appreciated every day at our office.  Most importantly, she makes sure that our clients are informed on the progress of their individual cases.

Kacee was born and raised in Washington, Utah right next door to St. George where our office is located. She graduated from Pine View High School and completed her Associate of Science degree at Dixie State College.  Not only does she work at our law firm, she is almost done with coursework for her Bachelor’s Degree, also from Dixie State.  She’s married to Sam (the amazing wakeboarder and Hyperlite sponsored rider).

When she’s not working for clients or doing homework, Kacee runs marathons—for fun! She’s worn through more sets of shoes than she can count as she’s  trained for and completed seven full marathons (26.2 miles each!) and eight half-marathons.

Her “bucket list” is long, and she recently got to check off one item:  “Snorkeling in Hawaii”.  We were all a little jealous about that one.

We asked her a couple of questions: “If you could choose any place to live for a year, where would it be?”  Kacee said, “New York City or Oahu.”   And “What is your all time favorite meal?”  She said, “I think Durango’s is my all time favorite.” (If you go to Durango’s in St. George, you’ll probably agree.)