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Welcome to the Workmans’ Compensation Section of our Free Legal Resources. Getting hurt  while on the job is the worst. Injured employees have rights. State law in Utah outlines the many ways that injured workers should be taken care of. The articles contained on these pages were all written by licensed workers compensation attorneys. There is so much that could be written about Utah Workers Compensation Laws that these articles only scratch the surface. Please do not hesitate to call our office with any additional questions you may have. It’s our goal to be the most accessible attorneys in Southern Utah. We get it, and we are happy to help. 435-673-9990.

  • What if my claim is being denied?

  • How soon do I have to return to work?

  • Should my medical bills be paid by my employer?

  • Should my wages be paid while I’m on medical leave?

  • What should I be paid if my injury is permanent?

  • What if I want to fight for more money?